WAR THUNDER – UH-1C & MI-24D scala 1:72 ITALERI 35103

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WAR THUNDER – UH-1C & MI-24D scala 1:72 ITALERI

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Il box contiene:

Due modelli – Stampate colorate – Guida – Istruzioni a colori – Due Basette per i modelli – Colla –

Bonus Code (PC/Mac Version): Thach’s F2-A1 Buffalo (Rank 1.0 USA Premium Fighter); He-112B (Rank 1, Germany Premium Fighter) – 7 days of premium account – Italeri Decal


The UH-1C was a further development of the legendary American “Huey” helicopter. The “C” variant transformed the Huey from a regular utility helicopter into a fully fledged gunship, whose primary task was to escort its transport counterparts and provide cover for ground units. The UH-1C entered production at the height of the Vietnam War in 1966, with the over 700 produced units seeing extensive use during the conflict.


The Mi-24 “Hind” was initially designed in the 1960s as an assault helicopter for the Soviet Army, but it quickly became the most widely used combat helicopter in the world. The Mi-24D
was developed in the early 1970s in an effort to further increase the Hind’s combat capabilities. Soviet engineers achieved this by giving the Mi-24D a completely redesigned front fuselage, increasing armor protection and outfitting the helicopter with improved guided anti-tank missiles.

Colori suggeriti:

F Black 4768AP F.S. 37038

Hellblau RLM 65 4778AP F.S. 35352

F Insigna Red 4714AP F.S. 31136

F Insigna Yellow 4721AP F.S. 33538

F Interior Grey Green 4301AP F.S. 34151

F Light Green 4309AP F.S. 34230

F Medium Green II 4734AP F.S. 34082

F Olive Drab 4315AP F.S. 34088

F Sand 4720AP F.S. 30475

MF Steel 4679AP F.S. 37178

F White 4769AP F.S. 37875


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