Laverda 750 HELLER 52911 scala 1:8 modellismo statico

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Laverda 750 HELLER  52911 scala 1:8 modellismo statico in kit di montaggio

Nombre de pieces 340
Longueur maquette 25
Largeur maquette 18.2
Largeur boite 56
Hauteur boite 38
Profondeur boite 10
Contenu – Maquette – Décalcomanies – Pinceau – Colle – Peinture
Echelle 1/8
Age 14 +
Difficulté Intermédiair

In 1967, Laverda presented the two-cylinder 750 SF (Super Freni), the work of the engineer Luciano Zen.
However, in parallel with the touring machine with the latest technical refinements of the era, the brand concentrated on a motorsports-oriented clientele.
Starting from 1970, the 750 SF was supplemented by a competition consumer version, exclusively for private racers: the 750 SFC (Super Freni Competizione). While features like clip-on handlebars, sports fairing and a seat with seat tail were obvious choices, its distinguishing feature was large front and rear 230 mm double cam Laverda drum brakes, designed to absorb the excess energy produced by a redesigned engine. The valves were larger, while some parts were polished and lightened. Over 500 parts were different. The 750 SFC won every endurance race held in Europe between 1970 and 1974, except for the “Bol d’or”, where it nonetheless finished third in 1970 and second in 1971.


  • Architecture : Two-cylinder, four-stroke, forward facing, tilted forward 25°. Duplex chain driven overhead camshaft located between the two cylinders; 360° crankpins. Air-cooled.
  • Cylinder heads : Hemispheric merged with the cylinders.
  • Cylinders : Lightweight alloy single cylinder block
  • Chain guards : Horizontal mounting surface.
  • Connecting rod assembly : Crankshaft supported by four bearings plus a needle bearing on the primary drive train side. Rod big ends on two needle roller cages each.
  • Lubrication : Forced lubrication by gear pump. Crankcase acting as oil reservoir. 2.5 l capacity. Per minute flow rate: 2.5 l
  • Supply : Amal “concentrics” carburettor with 36 mm diameter diffuser. Fuel tank: 23 litres.
  • Ignition : Electrical equipment (Bosch) 12V, 32-Ampere battery. 12V, 150-watt dynamo.
  • Electrical equipment : Electric starter. Stop. Two-contact set breaker. Two high voltage coils. Automatic advance. Two condensers.
  • Characteristics : 70 HP, 7,500 RPM TOP SPEED: 220 Km/h WEIGHT: 210 Kg


  • Primary : 3/8″ triplex chain. Oil capacity in the gearbox: 3 litres.
  • Secondary : 5/8″ triplex chain.
  • Clutch : Multi-disc oil bath system.
  • Gearbox : Five speeds, the shafts rest on ball bearings.


  • Frame : Single bar frame made of pipe lowered 3 cm, bringing the centre of gravity closer to the ground. The obvious consequence is that the two exhaust silencers located on either side of the assembly are raised in relation to the rest.
  • Suspension : Front: Ceriani telescopic fork with hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear: Ceriani oscillating fork with hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Brakes : Front and rear double cams, brake shoes controlled by links.


  • Wheel rims : Borrani lightweight metal (aluminium).
  • Tyres : Front: 3.25 x 18 Rear: 4.00 x 18


  • Length : 2,120 mm
  • Width : 640 mm
  • Height : 1,190 mm
  • Wheel base : 1,490 mm
  • Ground clearance : 170 mm
  • Seat height : 820 mm


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